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I haven’t been thinking much about the development of the massage therapy programme recently – partly because I’ve been very busy, and partly because there was an idea floating around for a while that our diploma of massage therapy could be absorbed into a Bachelor of Applied Social Services (massage speciality).  It’s been decided now that the qual probably fits better outside of the Social Services degree, so I’m back to thinking about where the programme is going.

Anyone who’s up with massage education in New Zealand would know that the massage therapy unit standards are being deregistered next year.  These assessment standards are the foundation of our current programme document, so there’s a fairly urgent need to rework our the programme document ASAP.   Luckily I’m planning some significant revisions anyway, so this is not too much of a problem.

 First on the development list is the extension of our current 18-month diploma programme to a 2 year programme.  Second is the development of a blended delivery programme.  While I was originally thinking of blended delivery for only our part-time/distance learners, I’m increasingly thinking that this approach would benefit all students.  I’m in the process of discussing with key staff members the pros and cons of running the whole programme within this model.  In terms of benefits, if we had all students (local and distance, part-time and full-time) within the blended delivery model, we should be able to run modules more regularly through the year, providing signficantly more flexibility for individuals.  The major problem could be the perception of prospective students.  I’ve discussed before that most of our leaners have a relatively low level of computer competancy.  I believe that this should not be such a problem for our programme because of the links that we have with the Otago Polytechnic community learning centres, but this could definately be perceived by our prospective students as a problem.

The ideal scenario from my perspective would be if we could develop the programme as blended delivery programme right from the outset.  But we have some discussion to run through before we reach this point.


This is my second blog.

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Although I have to say that WordPress seems much slower than Blogger, so I might easily change my mind.