Our consultation process with the Spa industry has focussed on four key areas.

  1. What key competencies spa owners look for when considering employing massage therapistsThe competencies that have been most commonly mentioned are massage competence (including relaxation and deep-tissue), being a team-player (able to fit in with spa systems and work with other people), Interpersonal skills, having a professional manner, and having competency in other specialisations (e.g. Aromatherapy, hot stone massage, reflexology, indian head massage etc.)
  2. What key competencies are often not found in massage therapistsCompetencies mentioned here included a lack of commitment to professional conduct and systems orientation, and a lack of ability to communicate with confidence
  3. Common pay rates of massage therapists in the spa industryThere is quite a bit of variation here.

    For massage therapists who are new to the spa industry the hourly rate varies between $18-25 per hour depending on the spa and the quality of the therapist. Some spas noted that time not spent massaging might be paid at a lower rate ($12-14 seems to be the range here). One spa mentioned a difference in employed and on-call rate with the employed rate being lower.

    Massage therapists who are experienced in the spa industry can generally expect to be paid more. The range here seems to be from $20 – 40 per hour depending on the level of experience and the spa. Therapists who are employed may sometimes be paid at a lower level than therapists who are on-call.

  4. If graduates of our Certificate of Spa Therapies and Stress Management would be attractive to employers in the spa industry.The response to this was overwhelming with all participants agreeing that a qualification that focussed on the needs of the spa industry would be attractive to them.

This consultation strongly supports the development of the programme as outlined, and has provided us with some important data which we will use when developing courses within the programme.