Practical exercises should be spread regularly through a student’s learning experience to provide opportunities for knowledge integration.

Practice Principle 1

  • Interactions should mirror real-life practice.
  • This increases the relevance to the learner, and also increases the chance for information transfer (as the material is learned in a similar context to practice).

Practice Principle 2

Important tasks require more practice

Practice Principle 3

Apply the media elements principles to practice exercises.

  • Directions to practice the exercise should be presented in text clearly and visibly near the question
  • Feedback should appear in text close to the question
  • If memory supports are used they should be visible near the practice question.

Practice Principle 4

Train learners to self-question during lessons that lack practice opportunities.

  • Model self-questioning by showing examples of self-questioning  and directing learners to self-question
  • The ability to self-question leads to significant improvements in learning
  • Exercises which cultivate the ability to self-question should be included within our study skills programme