I’ve been so caught up in the experience of the facilitating online communities course that I’ve hardly paid attention to the nature of the assessments – not something that I’d recommend to my students normally ;-).

So I guess it’s not surprising that when I look at Assessment 1 – Reflecting on your learning that I’m still some distance from completing the assessment tasks. I need to put some work in here.

Assessment 2 – Contribute to a wiki.

For this assessment I need to

i. Develop at least one page on the wiki relevant to your discipline

  • Done this.

ii. Contribute to the wiki discussion to inform others what you have been doing on the wiki, and to give feedback to at least two other participants – this needs to be a reasonably indepth critique with rationale and suggestions.

  • I think I’ve done this sufficiently, but I’m not sure???

iii. Contibute to general content on the wiki for future courses – add at least two resources.

  • I’m not sure what “a resource” is, or where I’m supposed to put this. Does the Computer Literacy Resources project count – my aim here being supporting computer literacy of online learners & therefore access?

iv. Add a link in your blog to your wiki page.

v. Write a summary on your blog about your impressions of wikis and their use in building

It’s somewhat difficult to have an impression of wikis & their use in building communities because of my limited experience with this. Yvonne has made some comments on my page which have been really useful – Thanks Yvonne. :-). I also see that the comments that I’ve made on Yvonne’s page seem to have been useful to her in the building of her page, so this is evidence I guess that when people are engaged in reviewing each others work that wikis can be a useful collaborative tool. But it doesn’t answer the question are they useful in building community?

I’ve had more experience of working with a group of people through my involvement in the Computer Literacy Resources project. My experience here has been that the wiki provides a useful space for people to collaborate on content, however most of the community building related to this project has come about through face to face contact with participants. Also, while I’ve invited people to be involved who are not based at Otago Polytechnic, it’s only been the people who have been regularly meeting face to face that are contributing to the project.

I’ve got another project planned – Massage Therapy Educational Resources – where I’m going to invite other massage educators that I’m in contact with in NZ, Australia & the US to contribute to the creation of resources that can be used in massage education. I might be better placed to make a comment on the use of wikis in a year or so, as I imagine that most of the collaboration here will come from outside of New Zealand.

Assessment 3 & 4

  • Plan how you will facilitate a discussion
  • Reflection on your facilitation of a discussion

I’ve got a meeting time scheduled, and have the session mostly planned out, but it needs a bit more work before I’ll be happy to post my plan here. I’m planning a session where I will introduce key staff members to the technological interface that we’ll be using for our course next year. Unfortunately the only time that we can all meet is 20 November, which I think is after the finish date of this course. Hopefully this is OK???