I’ve been doing quite a bit of work building up resources on the WikiEducator platform for our Study Skills course.

The lack of formatting control on the WikiEducator platform is really starting to bug me. Formatting adds quite a bit of readability to documents. Using colouring and alignment you can empasize or de-emphasize aspects of the text.  I’m pretty disappointed with my recent effort.   Yes I know Leigh, I do need to add some images to flash it up.

While I was originally pretty keen on the open-office export to media-wiki text, I’m finding that it only seems to handle very simple documents.   It makes a complete hash of URLs for example.  Most of the documents that I’ve been working with recently require so much editing once I’ve copied and pasted them into the wiki, that it would be almost definitely easier to write the material straight into the wiki.

I’m now committed to working in the wiki environment, but I wonder if something like box net might be a better option for the future???