In response to my recent post on my online assessment strategy for 2009, my colleague Leigh has commented “could you describe your ideas for assessment 1 and 3 more? I’m pretty familiar with blogging for assessment in the way you describe, but need a better picture of how you plan to do the other two. Hopefully with a clearer idea, I might be able to suggest something.”

Funnily enough, I’ve got a pretty clear idea about how I could use automated formative assessment (Phase 1) & final summative assessments (Phase 3).  We’ve been using similar assessment strategies in our face-to-face classes for years.  The thing I’m not really familiar with is assessing reflective blogging (apart from a couple of experiences as a student in recent years).

After a fairly superficial exploration of this topic using the net, it seems that most assessment of student blogging is based on the normative assessment model rather than a competency based model.  Here are two rubrics for assessment of student blogging that I think have potential for our course, although neither of them provide direct motivation for reading & commenting on the blogs of other students.

  1. Blog reflection rubric courtesy of San Diego State University Edweb
  2. Designing for flexible learning practice – courtesy of Otago Polytechnic’s Educational Development Centre.

Our course has a mixture of competency and normative-like assessment.  Do you know of any examples of competency-based assessment for reflective blogging?

Another other suggestions for the design of assessment of reflective blogging?