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I’ve been using Google docs quite a bit this year, and I’ve noticed that in the last couple of months they’ve added some features that increase their attractiveness quite a bit to me.

You’ve been able to publish your documents to the web for some time so that anyone can view them.  But recently the function of making the documents able to be edited by anyone has been added.  In my mind this provides the openness that makes wikis so attractive with the usability that has always been an issue.

I’m now considering moving all of my development to the Google docs platform.  Can anyone think of any reasons why this wouldn’t be a good idea?

I’ve just converted one of my wiki pages over to two different Google presentation formats.  Here they are as a comparison

  1. Wiki page
  2. Google document version
  3. Google presentation version

Which do you like better?

Google docs have also recently release a survey form which shows promise as a formative testing programme, but it doesn’t yet do what I want it to.  I’m sure that within a year they’ll have something that does the job.


Work on the Massage Therapy Educational Resources project is coming along.

There are now some good quality resources under many of the categories. Here’s a hand-picked selection

At present it’s a project of one. I’ve decided this semester that it makes sense for me to continue teaching the online aspects of the programme (apart from Bioscience), and to let our other staff concentrate on the F2F teaching.

I’m hopeful that in the future other massage educators will get involved in this collaborative development, but at present this is not happening. Hopefully the quality of resources available through the project
will encourage people to get involved.