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I was just trying to get to sleep early tonight after a big week, and the thought of using video blogging in my teaching popped into my head.¬† I hadn’t really considered doing this previously, and the potential of it has got me pretty excited.

I had a look around to see if anyone was using vlogging in teaching, and came across a few interesting sites/articles.

Freevlog are doing something like what I was thinking about for teaching, but they appear to be a couple of vloggers who are creating self-help and educational resources for the love of it.

Peter Meng, a technical business analyst for the University of Missouri prepared an interesting article titled

Podcasting & Vodcasting РDefinitions, Discussions & Implications 

In it he discusses the likely rapid emergence of these technologies into teaching, their potential uses, and the implications of this on infrastructure.

Might try getting back to sleep now that that’s out of my system….